We strongly believe learning has to be fun and that children learn more effectively through play

Your child’s key person will plan activities around your child’s interests by observing them and keeping records of their achievements. Together your child’s key person and your child will create a unique learning journey that shows development and achievement from their first day to their last at Brassington pre-school.

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We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Encouraging your child to make relationships with other children and staff.
  • Supporting them to be confident and aware of their own actions,
  • Supporting your child to manage their own feelings and behaviour and to promote an understanding that their actions can sometimes hurt others.

Physical Development

  • Health and self care, being aware of healthy practices, such as eating, hygiene and exercise.
  • Encouraging gross motor skill eg running, jumping, climbing, riding bikes or scooters, throwing and catching.
  • Fine motor skills eg drawing, writing, using scissors and threading.
  • Being aware of their own space and being respectful of other people’s space.

Communication and Language

  • Encouraging good listening skills and attention.
  • To ask questions How? Why? When?
  • Encourage children to speak by asking open ended questions and talking about their interests.


  • Reading and looking at books, words in the environment eg print on menus, in shops and on leaflets.
  • Writing: We encourage children to mark make using a range equipment eg pens, chalks, paints, paint brushes and water outside, fingers in flour, paint and dry sand.
  • Each child has a name card in the mark making area to encourage name recognition and to encourage writing their name.


  • Numbers: We provide a number rich environment for counting, estimating, adding and taking away.
  • Shape, space and measurements, being aware of space, looking at shape in 2D and 3D and shapes in the environment, comparing size, length, weight and capacity.

Understanding the World

  • We will look at different cultures, religions and beliefs and take part in celebrations to gain a greater understanding, such as listening to music, tasting food, and dressing up.
  • By going on walks, we will explore the world in which we live and how it changes each season.
  • Technology: How things work, using the computer, tape recorder, telephone and remote control toys.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Exploring media and materials, mixing paints, malleable tray and baking.
  • Being imaginative, making up games, being an astronaut, train driver, super hero, fairy or princess … your child’s imagination is endless!
  • Making up dances and singing, exploring sounds and musical instruments.